• EREZ MAJERANTZ Holds a BA degree in Philosophy and Comparative Literature from Bar-Ilan University (2004). From 2008 to 2009 he wrote a satirical column in "Nana 10" website, and a series of sketches which was published on the web and broadcasted on the radio. Between the years 2013 to 2014 he hosted a radio show named "On the edge of the scale" in Radio Sol.
    Many of his works dealing with the gap between science and the rational and the mystical and emotional. Another motif is the struggle of the individual with society: in particular, the fate of artists and intellectuals in front of the masses and life in the margins of society.

    Majerantz influenced by Brecht, Hanoch Levin and Beckett alongside writers like Borges, Grass, Kundera, Vonnegut, Kleist and Kafka Also, the Jewish tradition, Christianity, motifs from popular culture and elements drawn from the alternative rock.

    Four of His plays were produced in Israel: "Shkembe" (Short) 2006, Tzavta theater. "Climbing vegetables", in Karov theater and also at "Habima" – Israel national Theater. "Reaction"(Monodrana) at Israel Festival (2014), "Abutbul concern" (2016) at the "Citizen here" festival in Karov Theater.

    Other Publications:
    Vereinigung der Gegensätze Und Eine ganz persönliche Relativität translation of two of his stories to German. Dionysus verlag 2016.
    "Very private Relativity", translated into English in anthology magazine's annual of the Anglo-Indian manuscript: "The Bombay review".
    "Life is the best of a bad lot" - Volume I": stories, essays, fragments and quotations. Editor: Dror Near Kastel. Published by "children Comedy" in 2016.
    "Climbing vegetables", A play, Beit Otzar (Treasure) Publishing (2015)
    "Angel ofr the Garage", A short story, Comic anthology "Stories with sense of humor" by Children Comedy (2015)
    "Very private relative theory", A short story in the anthology "End of the roads", Ktav publishing (2013) Been also publish at the Bombay review's year anthology 2016.
    "Love of the land on the negative side", Article about the plays of Yosef Mundi, "Achsev" (now) magazine), editor Prof' Gabriel Moked, vol. 72, (2012)
    "Unity of opposites", A short story, part of the "Emotion and Reason- An anthology of new Israeli prose" Ktav Publishing, (2011).